Transportation Master Plan (TMP)



TrafQuest offers comprehensive transportation plan development services in the UAE, focusing on creating efficient and well-integrated transport systems for larger developments with multiple plots. Our approach takes into account not only vehicular traffic but also the surrounding communities and lands through which roads pass. We aim to strike a balance between the need to move people efficiently and safely and other important design goals such as environmental sustainability and the creation of vibrant public spaces.

TrafQuest services cover:

  • Evaluating land use options
  • Defining the primary roadway network and right of way
  • Performing the transportation modelling using VISUM
  • Identifying and assessing public transport routes
  • Assessing and integrating the different modes of transportation
  • Developing parking, accessibility and circulation plans


Land developments and transportation networks have a significant impact on each other. Recognizing this interdependence, the regulatory framework in the UAE and the Middle East emphasizes the integration of land use planning and transport solutions. At TrafQuest, we offer comprehensive services in master planning and urban detailed planning, with a focus on delivering coordinated and holistic transport, infrastructure, and urban planning solutions. Our multi-disciplinary team possesses the knowledge and expertise required to develop effective strategies that align with the unique needs of the UAE. Our urban planning solutions in UAE include:

  • Master planning
  • Plot development guidelines
  • Feasibility studies
  • Infrastructure planning and block cost estimates

Other Services

TrafQuest specializes in providing traffic engineering services in the UAE, leveraging our broad-based technical and research skills in various fields. Our team of experts possesses extensive experience and knowledge in traffic engineering, allowing us to deliver high-quality services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We understand the importance of optimizing traffic flow, ensuring road safety, and implementing effective transportation planning and policy. Our range of traffic engineering services includes:

  • Safety strategies and strategic plans
  • Technical outreach and consensus-building
  • Training and workforce development


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uae transportation services
uae transportation services
uae transportation services

Traffic Impact Studies



Traffic impact studies are an essential instrument for evaluating the transport-related effects of new and redeveloped projects, offering critical support for sustaining an efficient transportation system. Such studies involve forecasting travel demand, identifying potential issues, and devising proactive and efficient solutions. Our firm is a leading consultant of traffic impact studies in the UAE and GCC region, possessing the expertise and capability to perform traffic impact studies for numerous renowned projects in the region. Our extensive understanding and experience with the local authorities' procedures enable us to provide prompt and dependable services.

Our capabilities include:

  • Estimating trip generation and travel demand
  • performing the traffic analysis using the most advanced software and tools
  • Identifying transport-related problems
  • Ensuring adequate, safe and efficient access and parking circulation
  • Proposing sound and feasible mitigation

TrafQuest personnel has extensive expertise in the major industry tools used in conducting traffic impact studies including:

  • Synchro and SimTraffic
  • Highway Capacity Software (HCS)


TrafQuest has been pre-qualified by esteemed regulatory bodies such as the Dubai RTA, Abu Dhabi ITC, Sharjah RTA, as well as other regional municipalities and transport authorities to conduct traffic impact studies for developments that produce traffic flows of up to 30,000 trips during the peak hours of the day. While the classification of traffic impact studies may differ among various authorities, they generally fall under one of the four following categories.

Access Studies

TrafQuest has executed numerous access studies for small-scale projects that generate fewer trips during peak hours than the threshold required for a traffic impact study. Our responsibilities in traffic impact studies in the UAE entail devising geometrically and operationally sound access alternatives for the site and guaranteeing their effective integration within the neighbouring roadway network.

Traffic Impact Study – Level 1

TrafQuest has carried out a considerable volume of traffic impact studies for small-to-medium-sized projects. Within this domain, our responsibilities encompass devising workable and effective access options, conducting capacity and queuing analyses at access points to ensure adequate operation and level of service, as well as developing geometric and operational solutions for development parking facilities and ensuring proper and secure internal traffic circulation.

Traffic Impact Study – Level 2

TrafQuest has completed a significant number of traffic impact studies for medium-sized projects that produce over 500 trips during peak hours. In addition to the tasks outlined in the previous category, our responsibilities in this domain involve conducting capacity analyses on junctions and other roadway network elements within the traffic influence area of the development to ensure satisfactory levels of service are attained and sustained. TrafQuest is proficient in devising mitigation solutions for junctions that do not meet the standards, ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of traffic in the neighbouring roadway network.

Traffic Impact Study – Level 3

TrafQuest has executed traffic impact studies for many large-scale buildings or masterplan developments that generate more than 1,500 vehicular trips during peak hours. Our responsibilities in this category encompass all the tasks detailed in the previous categories, albeit performed on a significantly larger scale, ensuring the safe, efficient, and satisfactory operation of traffic within the development and throughout the roadway network. TrafQuest is also tasked with ensuring the appropriate integration of the project within the transportation network, which incorporates other transportation modes such as bus, Metro, Tram, marine transport as well as other micro and soft mobility options.


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uae transportation services
uae transportation services
uae transportation services

Traffic Engineering Services

Traffic Engineering Services


TrafQuest staff has extensive experience in providing a variety of Traffic Engineering Services for public and private clients in the GCC region. This includes many research initiatives as well as feasibility studies concerning different transport challenges facing our clients. It also includes many design initiatives of the infrastructure necessary for safe and efficient traffic flow such as road geometry, sidewalks and crosswalks, segregated cycle facilities, shared lane marking, traffic signs, road surface markings and traffic signals. Furthermore, TrafQuest is one of the first traffic engineering consultancy firms in Dubai to offer full Public Transport Integration and Connectivity Studies. Finally, TrafQuest offers a variety of traffic engineering services as described here in more details.

Transport Integration Studies

TrafQuest’s expertise and caliber have made it one of the pioneers across Dubai to not only conduct the transport integration studies for some of the most prominent projects, but also help in developing the blueprints for such studies in the incipient stages. Transport integration studies aim at achieving better connectivity among the different modes of transport (metro, bus, marine, taxi, etc.) while promoting the use of efficient and clean modes. This is done through conducting comprehensive surveys for the existing and future conditions, identifying the access and mobility issues experienced by pedestrians, cyclists and other road users, and proposing workable solutions and measures to enhance the inter-modal accessibility and connectivity based on the guidelines introduced in the Dubai Transport Integration Manual (DTIM). At the end of the transport integration study, a Transport Integration and Connectivity Plan (TICP) is created, which combines the integration improvements into a comprehensive plan detailing how the project connects with the pedestrian and cyclist network, which leads ultimately to the public transport nodes and key generators in the area.

GIS Design & Implementation

TrafQuest excels at providing innovative solutions for spatial data processing and GIS design. We have been involved in dozens of projects, each requiring a new, flexible approach and design. Careful attention is paid to needs assessment, project specifications and data, hardware and software requirements.

An initial cost-benefit analysis is often crucial for assessing database design, life cycle costs, staffing requirements and maintenance costs. The process includes developing a detailed project plan, design of the data structure and the production, integration and test of the resulting spatial data.

Availability and distribution of the final data and the internal GIS architecture are meticulously planned. Custom software utilities are often developed to bridge data conversion gaps, reduce barriers and speed data transformation.

Transportation Safety Studies

A significant challenge facing transportation communities around the world is getting people where they need to go safely. All around the globe, countries and governments have made safety one of their top priorities. With vehicle ownership and highway miles on the rise every year, the chance of a highway crash is a tremendous concern.

TrafQuest personnel has expertise in the key safety areas listed below:

  • Crash prevention
  • Speed management
  • Roadway visibility
  • Work zone safety and mobility
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Intersection Safety and safe roundabouts

Arterial Management

TrafQuest's broad expertise in arterial management has been gained through planning, design, studies of various systems, and research. TrafQuest staff understands signal control, numerous signal control tools, and their direct application.

TrafQuest staff members have designed actuated and semi-actuated signal systems for regions with explosive growth in business and population over the past few years. The designs considered signal timing plans, high payoff geometric changes, and incorporation of transit signal priority and emergency vehicle preemption. The projects included both simulation (using CORSIM, VISSIM, and INTEGRATION) and field analysis.

Access Management

TrafQuest members provided on-site support to the US Department of Transportation in supporting the Transportation Research Board (TRB) committee on Access Management. These support activities lead to the development of conference proceedings and eventually the TRB Access Management Manual.

TrafQuest members developed and were recently selected to deliver the NHI course on highway capacity and quality of flow throughout the United States. The highway capacity course deals with the topics of access management, freeway management, and operations and arterial management from an operations and planning standpoint.

TrafQuest staff members conducted studies on the impact of access management on the crash characteristics of various treatments and has evaluated advanced methods for determining the impact of ramp metering strategies on freeway section performance and on alternate route performance.

Freeway Management

Freeway management cuts across several technical areas. It includes such diverse subject areas as traffic flow theory, communications technology, video technology, information dissemination, systems integration, control room architecture, configuration management, communications standards, and ITS architecture. TrafQuest staff has expertise in all of these areas. Our members have led the development and pilot presentation of a 3-day course for the National Highway Institute (NHI) on freeway management and traffic operations. This course provides the participants with a general appreciation and understanding of the key policies, institutional and technical issues, challenges and barriers, and other issues to consider in the planning, design, implementation, management, operation, evaluation, and marketing of freeway facilities. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to identify the basic concepts and techniques with freeway management and traffic operations, and describe how these concepts and techniques apply throughout the life cycle of freeway facilities.

Traffic Signal Design and Optimization

TrafQuest personnel has worked on numerous signal design projects. Our designs address factors such as constructability, signal coordination and preemption requirements, signal optimization, safety considerations, pedestrian and bicycle activity and accessibility, use of video detection and future traffic flows. Our engineers also evaluate the cost and skills needed to maintain and operate the equipment after installation.

Planning and Design

Our engineers and technicians conduct surveys of existing geometric layouts and equipment, prepare base plans and design proposed hardware including detection and interconnect. TrafQuest develops conductor/equipment schedules, signal phasing diagrams, project notes, equipment installation specifications and cost estimates.

TrafQuest has expertise in:

  • Conducting MUTCD signal warrant analysis
  • Preparing signal operations and phasing plans
  • Preparing signal pole layout and design plans
  • Specifying and recommending signal equipment
  • Preparing plans for signal wiring, conduit and junction boxes
  • Analyzing and documenting geometric and pedestrian considerations in signal design


TrafQuest develops management solutions to achieve better utilization of existing spaces, reducing the need for new construction. Our experienced personnel have evaluated and recommended the use of a variety of parking strategies, including changeable message signs, residential parking permits, park-and-ride facilities, shared parking concepts, access improvements, traffic signal operations, police deployment, peripheral shuttle-linked parking operations, high speed entry/exit control systems, carpooling, transit, time restrictions and variable pricing.

Parking Studies& Way Finding

TrafQuest parking studies determine the parking needs of major developments, commercial/business centers and university/medical campuses. TrafQuest performs demand and utilization surveys, projects future parking space needs, identifies potential parking facility sites and recommends parking management programs.


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uae transportation services
uae transportation services
uae transportation services

Intelligent Transportation



Over recent years, Intelligent Traffic System in UAE(ITS) has played an increasingly important part in increasing the efficiency of road networks and transportation services. With its growing maturity, ITS is approaching the next stage in its development where it will be influenced by:

  • Greater integration between systems and modes
  • Open and common standards as well as a shared framework
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Increased customer services
  • Real-time information sharing
  • Demonstrable value for money

TrafQuest not only recognizes these industry trends but also embraces the next evolution of ITS and believes in its transformative power. Our Team has extensive experience in conducting ITS feasibility studies, ITS master plans, ITS Architecture, ITS preliminary and detailed design as well as ITS implementation operations, and maintenance.

ITS Planning

Image TrafQuest has worked on several ITS planning projects that included the development and maintenance of regional ITS architecture for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Furthermore, TrafQuest has a long experience in developing coherent ITS master plans as well as ITS feasibility studies and evaluations. TrafQuest’s staff is experienced in effectively dealing with rural, regional and urban areas ITS Planning and also GIS Design & Implementation in UAE.

TrafQuest’s experience in Planning and Design includes a wide range of ITS projects and systems such as studies of region-wide Advanced Transportation Management Systems (ATMS), Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS) deployments, ITS operations during special events, smart corridors, Roadway-Weather Information Systems (RWIS), Rural System Applications and Commercial-Vehicle Operational (CVO).

ITS Design

Image TrafQuest is a leading provider of innovative Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) solutions that address the growing transportation needs of local and regional agencies. We leverage cutting-edge ITS technologies to offer complete and cost-effective solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of transportation systems. Our expertise covers various aspects of ITS implementation, including ITS field elements, Transportation Management Centers, communication networks, and traffic management systems. We have a proven track record of understanding our client's unique needs, requirements, and constraints, allowing us to tailor our designs to meet their specific goals.

Electronic Toll Collection

Our Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) has provided solutions that address our customer’s business critical mobility problems. Our commitment to the future is based on ensuring that our customers have the solutions they need to intelligently manage their changing operating environment. TrafQuest has played a key role in the design and deployment of the Dubai Tolling System (SALIK) in addition to leading the design effort for the upcoming Abu Dhabi Road User Charging System.

ITS Operations and Management

Effective operation and management (O&M) help to maximize motorist safety and convenience and are critical for optimizing the ITS investment. A well-designed operations plan is essential for determining staffing levels, operational practice and system requirements. A solid system management and maintenance program is required to ensure that the system is always operational for the benefit of the motorist.

TrafQuest is a pioneer in operations and management of Intelligent Traffic System in UAE. Continuous analysis of operations and management is one of the unique components of TrafQuest’s design and implementation processes, ensuring that the client gets a premiere system designed to meet their particular operational requirements. We also provide continuing support to operate, maintain and manage ITS systems. We offer some of the region’s most experienced experts in ITS operations and management offering services that include system development, O&M requirements analysis, life-cycle costing, operations planning, benchmarking, system operations, system administration, system management and maintenance, operations training, contract services, system testing, system diagnosis and troubleshooting, scheduled maintenance services and asset management system development.

ITS Systems Engineering and Architecture

Many international Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) deployments have historically faced limitations due to a lack of an integrated and holistic vision. Traditionally, ITS projects have been implemented tactically, focusing on a single transport mode and utilizing stand-alone proprietary systems. To avoid such limitations, it is crucial to develop a regional ITS framework or architecture that facilitates gradual, realistic, and coherent decision-making regarding ITS investments.

At TrafQuest, we recognize the importance of an integrated approach to ITS implementation and offer traffic engineering support in UAE. We emphasize the development of a comprehensive regional ITS framework that aligns with the institutional strategy and operational model. By doing so, we can achieve a greater degree of system, data, and service integration, resulting in more effective and efficient transportation solutions.

TrafQuest was awarded the contract by the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport to develop a comprehensive ITS Architecture and ITS Strategy & Implementation Plan for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This will pave the way for the development of an Integrated, Coordinated, Multi-Agency and Multi-Modal World Class Intelligent Transportation System in support of the fulfilment of the Abu Dhabi 2030 plan.

In addition to ITS Master Plans and ITS Architecture, TrafQuest offers a full range of ITS services from research, planning and feasibility studies to extensive system deployments and continuing operation and maintenance. This also includes conducting needs assessment studies, developing concepts of operations, requirement definition and architecture design.

ITS Services

  • ITS Planning
  • ITS Design
  • ITS Systems Engineering and Architecture
  • ITS Operations and Management
  • Detection Systems
  • Traveler Information Systems
  • Integrated Transportation Payment Systems
  • Transportation Management Centers Services (TMC)
  • Road User Charging


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uae transportation services

Roadway Design & Supervision



TrafQuest takes pride in its team of skilled and experienced road design engineers who have successfully delivered numerous projects. Our roads and infrastructure design services are recognized for their soundness, feasibility, and sustainability, utilizing innovative solutions to tackle the complexities and challenges of roadway and infrastructure design projects. We work collaboratively with other specialities to ensure seamless project execution. Our staff brings a diverse range of expertise and skills that have been demonstrated in prominent projects across the United Arab Emirates, as well as other GCC and Arab countries.


Our services include:

  • Design of rural and urban roads and highways
  • Design of at-grade intersections
  • Design of grade separations and interchanges
  • Design of development access points and driveways
  • Design of parking lots
  • Design of traffic control devices
  • Preparation of tender drawings and documents


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uae transportation services
uae transportation services
uae transportation services

Engineering Manuals



One of the major challenges facing transportation agencies is establishing the guidelines, specifications, and standards necessary to the establishment of an advanced transportation network. With the advancement of Intelligent Transportation System technologies and the technological breakthroughs in advanced communications, the need for unified standards is greater than ever before. Furthermore, with the region’s rapid infrastructure development, the establishment of uniform and standardized highway manuals, guidelines and procedures will help transportation agencies in:

  • Enhancing the management, planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of transportation projects & networks
  • Ensuring safe and uniform operational and structural capacity throughout the Transportation network
  • To conform to sustainability and environmental best practices

TrafQuest’s Methods

The preparation of a top-quality engineering manual requires a unique blend of skills. The absence of any one of these elements can lead to failure, poor quality, client dissatisfaction, wasted project resources and schedule overruns. Those skills include:

  • Technical expertise
  • Writing skills
  • Experience with electronic format applications
  • Appreciation of the needs of the manual user
  • Project implementation logistics
  • Production capacity

TrafQuest Technical Writing Experience

TrafQuest has extensive experience in helping transport agencies in addressing these kind of challenges. We have worked extensively with the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi as well as the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai to develop nineteen (19) guidelines, specifications and engineering manuals in a variety of engineering disciplines. Furthermore, our clients in this field come from multiple organizational divisions including Regulatory, Planning, Management, Design and Construction.

Through our experience, TrafQuest has perfected the engineering manual development process. We evaluate each manual individually to ensure that the necessary skills are in place; that the necessary project resources are available; and that we orchestrate the project implementation logistics to ensure the preparation of a top-quality product for the client.

The Consultant must have an in-depth understanding for the nature of producing an engineering manual. Too often, we believe, the most qualified team of technical specialists is overwhelmed by the logistics of actually producing the manual. TrafQuest’s track record in manual preparation demonstrates the availability of our in-house resources to produce quality engineering manuals using Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, MicroStation, Visio, AutoCAD and other required tools.

TrafQuest expert staff base these kind of documents on the most appropriate, internationally approved and accepted practices in planning, design, construction and management, adapted to meet conditions and practices prevalent in the client’s environment.


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uae transportation services
uae transportation services